Old Town Predator 13 Review

Old Town Predator 13

Length: 13′ 2″     Width: 33.5″     Weight: 39kg

I collected the Predator 13 in March of this year and have had many successful and comfortable trips on her. The main question I get asked when people see it is “Is it heavy?” Well, yes, it is heavier than most kayaks at 39kgs, but like the OK Ultra 4.7, the weight is perfectly balanced 50/50 when lifting using the solid handles. It hasn’t been a problem for me and I lift it onto my car on my own.
First of all here’s some pictures….
Spacious and well laid out with a ‘Mod Pod’ centre compartment and familiar ‘Click seal’ front hatch.
Fishfinder battery bag in the bow hatch.
The seat…. Love it or loath it, it’s comfortable and can be put in low or high position.
Rod tip protectors and rod retainer bungees.
Six Removable mounting plates. Shown here with a Railblaza StarPort.
Features a Humminbird transducer scupper but I have fitted a Garmin 301dv with a little adjustment.
My first trip was on Llangorse lake in Wales. It was extremely windy but I was surprised how well the P13 handled it. With it gusting 30kts+ at times and some substantial waves, I thought I would struggle. I was fine and even managed to winkle out five Pike.
There are six removable and fully interchangeable mounting plates. You can change your mind as often as you like, and even alter for different accessories depending on your trip without drilling any holes in the hull. Great idea.
A dismantled C-Tug fits in the front hatch easily and there is plenty of storage behind the seat. There is also a stand up assist strap should you wish to attempt SUF (Stand Up Fishing). I tried and after a shaky few seconds I was up and away!
Here’s a short video of my legs taken with the Garmin Virb Elite.
It is VERY well made, stable and comfortable. It’s not a kayak that you would want to travel miles off shore in but it has it’s place, like all kayaks. Personally, I like it, especially for long day sessions on the lakes. I can spend 9hrs afloat and still walk afterwards!
This is a kayak that won’t suit everyone, but it will tick a lot of boxes for some. I’ve mainly used it on freshwater but have I launched on the sea and it handled it well. The Swanage competition being one of them. The conditions weren’t really rough but I had a great day afloat.
Here’s a couple more photo’s in action.
 Sorry about the legs once again!!
Thanks for reading….
Ian Pickering 15th October 2014.


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