Pike session 25th Feb 2015… A New PB….

25th February 2015- Pike PB

The weather today was just spot on, hardly any wind and a roasting 4 degrees! I met up with Mark Radcliffe and Paul Fennell at a Northamptonshire lake to try for a Pike or two, it was like a millpond!
For me, fishing was slow to start with. Only a Jack of 2-3lb for the first few hours and then a 6lber that engulfed a ‘Jazz Grinner’ from’ Smiler Lures’
Then only 5 minutes later, also on the Jazz Grinner Smiler Lure, my PB Pike… It really ripped the line off my Penn Conflict 4000 reel and was great sport.
Weighed and verified by Paul at 21lb 1oz… How stoked am I tonight! Absolute belter of a fish and so well marked. It made a hasty exit before we took some more photo’s but here’s a few we captured.
This is the bad boy that did the damage today…
Really good day today and a further thanks to Paul and Mark for their help and photo’s….. Ian.

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