Adding Railblaza Accessories to Ocean Kayak Big Game II

Rigging OK BGII With Railblaza Accessories

Ian Pickering- 14th March 2015.

With the Ocean Kayak Big Game II featuring 6 removable accessory plates, adding rod holders, camera mounts and flags etc. is a doddle.
I have added to start with, three Railblaza StarPorts. I can mount my two Garmin Virb Elite Cameras and Railblaza RodHolder II and move the locations easily in the future, by just swapping the plates around. A 6mm drill bit, 32mm flat wood drill bit and two (per StarPort) M6 25-30mm stainless bolts and lock nuts are required.
One I fitted just at arms length which I use with a RodHolderII and SwivelPort for trolling.
Another StarPort is fitted fully forward on the starboard side to mount one of my Garmin Virb cameras. I either use a Railblaza CamerBoom 600 or Railblaza Camera mount kit. Pictured is the latter.
On the port rear plate, I either mount a CamerBoom 600 or Railblaza visibility flag.
For my Garmin GPS 78s I use a Railblaza Mobi Holder on the centre pod.
So easy to accessorise with the mounting plates and not one hole drilled in the hull.

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