18 Months and Finally a Perch. Oh… and it’s a PB!

A New PB Perch…!

Ian Pickering 25th June 2015
I’ve been fishing this venue for about 18 months now with lots of Pike caught but no Perch. They are extremely difficult to come by here, I’ve only seen two caught previously, one by Mark Radcliffe (2lb 10oz) and one by my son (3lb) Both great fish!
For some reason, I had a good feeling about today and the weather was perfect.
After a late night fishing the river last night, I eventually launched at 08:30 and paddled straight to the end of the Dam wall. My Garmin 301dv fish finder showed the edges of the rocks extremely clearly so I started casting my Mk1 slow sinking Smiler Lure along the drop off. Within 5 minutes I was into a fish. I just assumed it would be a Pike… Words cannot explain how happy I was when I saw a flash of red in the water!
In the Net! A fantastic fish and evident at first sight that it was a very good fish. My previous PB was 42cm 2lb 8oz. I had no scales so had to measure it only. The weight would have to be estimated but at 46cm it was definitely a PB and definitely 3lb plus. Frankly I’m not worried, just happy to catch such a wonderful specimen after trying for so long.
That wasn’t the end of the fishing for the day… I had 12 Pike to keep me busy. The best being a very good fish at approx. 13lb. Great fight on the Penn Regiment 15-40g spinning rod.
The fish have real attitude at the moment!
Amazing fishing and great weather… What else is there?!
Tackle used: Penn Regiment 15-40g Rod with Penn Conflict 4000 Reel and Abu Garcia Veritas 1/4-3/4oz Casting Rod and MGXtreme Reel.
 Thanks for reading and apologies for the legs!… Ian.

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