Pitsford Water – Kayak meet 23 Jan -Keith

With Pitsford Water hosting the Old Town Canoes and Kayaks Pitsford Kayak Grand Slam later this year, part of the Lowrance Grand Slam series I thought it would be good to have a practice day at the mini meet organised by fellow team member Dane.


The trip’s aim was to go after the predators that the reservoir is well known for. A 38lb pike is reputed to live there. It’s fantastic that Anglian Water, have the foresight to welcome kayak anglers on this water allowing us to show that we are responsible anglers and demonstrating what a forward thinking management they have there. After the obligatory kayak wash at the gate, payment of fees and the unavoidable addition of just a few extra shiny things from their well stocked shop it was time to kit up right next to the water.

To comply with Anglian Water’s biosecurity policy nets and drogues should be washed prior to fishing and again after, at the venue, to ensure you don’t bring or take anything away. The prevention of non native invasive species is the aim.

IMG_2948 (3)

It wasn’t the trial I had been hoping to give the Railblaza Sandtrakz wheels but it was a chance to show then off and try them with both a stripped and loaded kayak on. I wondered if it was just my imagination that they were easier to pull even on the gravel and grass but it was confirmed by one of the Hobie team fisherman too.


I watched Dane paddle out of the shallows before dropping his motor, doing a quick lap of honour and setting off at a reasonable rate of knots on his Old Town Predator XL with it’s Min Kota engine.



I kitted the Old Town Predator 13, realised I’d left my cameras at home and paddled out under the causeway bridge, remembering to lay my rods down. With a stiff breeze across the reservoir I decided to paddle up to the Dam wall and then drift the full length back. It seems this was the plan of the only other member of the group who paddled, Simon Adams, the rest having pedals or motors. Stopping on the way to throw lures into the margins or chat with the others.

Drogues were deployed and away we went after a bit of a chin wag. After hearing Simon whoop and on one occasion squeal with his tail walking trout I decided on a change of lure. He was using a Smiler lure.
Out came my Shakespeare Midi S plug. Within minutes I had my first trout onboard. A little while later followed by a second on the same lure. After all the strong winds we’ve been having it was good to catch a couple of fish again. Not quite sea fishing but needs must. Both were returned.
The drift plan worked and I ended up back by the causeway at the end of the day ready for the short paddle back to the launch. Back at the cars there was the usual end of session catch up. Great to meet everyone again and I’m looking forward to main event.

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