Fourth Time Lucky

Although I’ve been kayak fishing for over 10 years, I’m relatively new to the freshwater side of things and only started 2 1/2 years ago in November 2013. My first 3 trips were at a lake not far from the Peak District and every trip ended in a blank!

Today was my first return visit and I needed to get that darn monkey off my back. It is famous for being a fairly tough venue anyway and with a bit of colour in the water, I wasn’t holding out much hope that today would be any different.
I started by trolling a Smiler Lure up the left hand side of the lake. I couldn’t believe my luck when after on 10 minutes, I was finally in! Not a huge fish but I was over the moon to catch my first at this venue. Once unhooked I cast out a couple of times towards the trees and was in again! Another small Jack, things were looking good….

I set off trolling down the lake. I hooked in again, a slightly better fish but lost it at the side of the kayak. Trolling can be productive at times, but I find it a bit boring so I switched to fan casting by some trees in 10-13ft water. I couldn’t believe it when the rod locked up and I felt a really good fish on… 5 minutes later I had it on board. A really long fish that I first thought was a lot heavier. Had it been fatter, it would’ve been about 18lb. My scales had packed up so I’m just going to go with mid-teens! Either way, I was absolutely buzzing!




It went quiet for a couple of hours so I admired the scenery. I saw squirrels, Great Crested Grebe, Tree Creepers and a Kingfisher. A nice new home maybe… Minimum Half Million!

Mid afternoon the fishing picked up again. A couple more Jacks to keep me entertained to start with. I moved into some shallows 6-9ft and put on a spikey shad rigged weedless. It wasn’t long before I got a couple of nips…. A few more casts  I had a take but no hook up, I paused, twitched and BANG! another good fish on. After a couple of minute scrap and a soaking, she was on board!
This fish is just under 1M long! It takes up the whole deck plus a bit!
I’ve never seen a Pike do this to a titanium trace!
Just to top the day off, I hooked into another good fish, only to lose it at the side of the kayak. I can’t really complain, 8 fish and a big smile…

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